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Vinyl Graphics and Decals

There is no better way to make your vehicle uniquely yours than X Collision’s collection of decals, stripes, and vinyl graphics. Vehicle graphics, decals, and stripes are an inexpensive way to get that “Pimp Your Ride” look without breaking the bank. They are also quick and easy to install, which means you can have your vehicle back on the road right away. Our decals, stripes, and vinyl graphics will add style and class to any car, truck, SUV, or other vehicle. Just come into our shop and browse our selection – we are sure we will have something that will suit your vehicle!

How do I care for my new decals and graphics?

It is not necessary to wax vinyl decals and graphics to keep them looking good – just wash them with soap and water and your vehicle’s stylish new additions will keep looking great for years to come. Just make sure you wait the appropriate amount of time after installation before washing them. It takes about 10-15 days for your vinyl decals to permanently adhere to the body of your vehicle, and washing them before that can sometimes cause them to begin peeling.

How can I get rid of the bubbles in my vinyl decals and graphics?

Even professionally installed vinyl decals will often have tiny bubbles in them. These occur when small amounts of air get trapped under the vinyl as it is being applied. If you give it time, most of these air bubbles will eventually work their way out through the vinyl and the decal will lie smooth on the body of your vehicle. If you see a larger bubble that does not seem to be going away on its own, you can puncture them with a small needle or pin, which will release the air immediately.

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